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Portugal Weather – 300 Sunny Days Per Year

Before i start writing you about Portugal weather and let you know that Portugal is the sunniest country of Europe with an average of 300 sunny days per year, i have to give you the following medical advice:

Discovering Portugal history and culture, exploring the taste of great food and wine involved by the unique scenery of Portuguese cities and villages could cause real intense feelings and unforgettable memories. Getting sun in some of the most beautiful golden beaches in the world or having a near contact with the green of natural parks and islands like Azores and Madeira will not work as therapy!


Portugal is an increasingly popular destination and don´t be fool believing this is by accident. This small precious country is well connected to North America and European countries by air and it´s not difficult to get one of the many daily cheap flights available and in a just a few hours be enjoying some of the great things Portugal have to offer no matter what month of the year.



Portugal weather is sun, sun and more sun!!

Do you already know that Portugal is the sunniest country of Europe with an average of 300 sunny days per year?
The risk of being caught by one of those 300 days that sun shines in Portugal is high, so take your sunglasses with you while you enjoy exploring some the many beautiful places in Portugal.

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But.. what to do with all these sunny days?

It´s not difficult at all to find something to do when outside the beautiful and warm sun call by us but let me share with you some of my suggestions to enjoy the incredible Portugal weather..

#1. Explore around 800kms of Portugal coastline

We cannot forget that Portugal´s history is deeply attached to the sea and the maritime discoveries. Evidences of this natural and ancestral connection could be found on solid ground. A great way to discover the country and enjoy the wonderful weather is certainly by exploring the spectacular Portugal coastline.

Odeceixe – costa vincentina in Portugal

From north to south, a long way of diversity and incredible natural landscapes and some of the most beautiful golden beaches in the world. If you are planing to do summer vacations in the country you will want to know what are the 10 best beaches in Portugal.


#2. Visit some of the most interesting and charming cities in Europe

Portugal is a beautiful and diverse country, full of cities and towns to visit and have a great time. The vast majority of Portugal visitors head straight to Lisbon and Porto but another wonderful city for cultural travellers is Braga, the oldest Portugal´s city.

center of braga city in portugal
Rua do Souto in Braga, Portugal

Only 50kms far from Porto, Braga is an unique town where you can find the perfect balance between the depths of history and the freshness of youth population. This city is becoming increasingly popular with tourists as well, partly because of the excellent value combined with the pleasant Portugal weather. Discover more about this beautiful captivating city and how easy and cheap is to plan visit Braga.


#3. Get involved with nature in Portugal natural parks and reserves

Hopefully this should not be a secret for you but generally speaking, sun means life and guess what, Portugal have an average of 300 sunny days per year. Did i already told you this before? If so, sorry but it´s true! Also true is the fact of some places in Portugal are the habitat of rare species of flora and fauna that enjoy here the ideal conditions to develop. One of that fantastic places is Peneda-Geres national park at the north of the country.
peneda geres portugal national park

It´s easy to be surprised with the mountain landscapes that compounds the almost 72 000 hectares of the Peneda-Geres natural park. Awake your senses and enjoy the feeling of freedom during your exploration of this preserved nature paradise. Walk through some of the mapped rails that guide you into the green vegetation and find beautiful waterfalls with crystal clear water lagoons.
If you are exploring the north of Portugal, you definitely want to come here! You can easily book a guided tour to Peneda-Gerês that pick you from near cities like Braga, Guimarães or even Porto.

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